arbitration fees

Supplementary Objectives

  • To organize necessary training, instruction, symposium, workshop and talk programmes for the development of skilled Nepalese manpower needed for the resolution of all kinds of disputes through arbitration and other alternative methods.
  • To establish a well equipped library having collected books, journals, and rules and regulations of national, international and regional institutions, on arbitration and other alternative methods.
  • To acquire membership of other national, international and regional institutions having similar objectives, to provide its membership to them and to maintain relationship, enhance understanding; explore cooperation, exchange experiences and views with such organizations and institutions.
  • To receive, earn, acquire, possess and dispose of movable and immovable properties for the upliftment of the Council.
  • To hire or give on rent land and building for the purpose of the Council.
  • To encourage towards the development and promotion of provisions for the settlement of disputes, arising out of bilateral or multilateral contracts or agreements in the field of industries, trade and other business, through arbitration and other alternative methods of dispute resolution.