arbitration fees


Any institution, individual, agency, law practitioner, engineer, jurist, judge, construction contractor etc., directly or indirectly engaged in the activities and proceedings relating to arbitration be eligible for the membership of the Council.

Types of membership:
The Council shall have the following three types of members.

(1) Individual member

  1. a. Life member
  2. b. Ordinary member
  3. c. Honorary member

(2) Institutional member

  1. a. Ordinary member
  2. b. Permanent member

(3) Executive Committee may respectfully invite a renowned person directly or indirectly associated with the activities concerning arbitration as the Chief Patron of the Council.

Qualifications for Membership:
The Executive Committee may grant honorary membership to any person who has made an outstanding contribution based on special study and experiences on activities relating to arbitration.
An Individual who is a graduate and has been involved in activities relating to arbitration shall be eligible for individual membership of the Council. Such individual shall be eligible for life membership once he/she has attained the age of 40 years.

Any institution established under the prevailing laws and associated directly or indirectly with the activities relating to arbitration shall be eligible for institutional membership.