arbitration fees


NEPCA provides administrative services for arbitrating different kinds of dispute at reasonable fees. The council is not involved in deciding cases but supplies lists of individuals from which the parties mutually select impartial arbitrators. Arbitration is conducted by specific rules and procedures, and the awards by arbitrators are legally binding and enforceable.

Arbitration Facilities:
NEPCA provides arbitration facilities for settlement of all types of commercial and construction disputes between Nepalese parties or between Nepalese and foreign parties. Arbitration procedures of NEPCA are framed in accordance with international standards and it maintains a comprehensive list of panel of arbitrators.

Arbitrators Panel:
Experts in various fields and professions renowned for their knowledge, integrity and dispute resolution skills are listed on the council’s National Panel of Arbitrators for referrals to parties involved in disputes.

Informational Services:
NEPCA provides information and advice to interested parties concerning arbitration laws and facilities and maintains cooperative links with national and international bodies throughout the world.

NEPCA conducts workshops, seminars, conferences, talk programs, and skill development program within the country to promote wider use and better understanding of arbitration, mediation and other conflict – resolution -processes. Programs can be specially designed as per the need of individual groups and member organizations.