arbitration fees

Main Objectives

  • To initiate, promote, protect and to institutionally develop activities relating to arbitration including other alternative methods of dispute resolution in Nepal.
  • To provide necessary suggestions to the concerned agencies for the periodical amendment and alteration to and development of prevailing laws and regulations relating to arbitration, by undertaking study, analysis and research on them, and to generate favorable public opinion for this purpose.
  • To arrange and manage all kinds of services, facilities and instruments as required for the settlement of disputes, of national and international nature arising within the territory of Nepal, to be settled through arbitration and other alternative methods of dispute resolution with the assistance of the Council.
  • To maintain relation with individuals and institutions involved in different professions and business for arbitration of disputes relating to various nature and subject matters, and to prepare the list of proper arbitrators.
  • To prepare code of conduct of arbitrators and to create proper environment for its implementation.