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  • Close Contract Administration

    Close Contract Administration: Only Method to Mitigate Disputes inConstruction                                                       Prof. Deepak Bhattarai, Ph. D. Introduction Construction contracts are the contracts between employer – the owner of the project and contractor who provides his services to construct the infrastructure for the owner. Generally, there is a third party involved in the process – the engineer […]


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  • Prolongation Cost Claims

    Prolongation Cost Claims by Gyanendra Prasad Kayastha Background: Once a Contractor has secured an extension of time and relief from liquidated damages, thoughts will quickly turn to recovery of the costs incurred due to the delayed completion date – i.e. “Prolongation Costs”. In Nepalese context, many projects are getting delayed due to the reasons attributable […]

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  • Need for Improvement in the dispute settlement clauses in the GCC/PCC in the SBDS

    Public Procurement Monitoring Office(PPMO) of Government of Nepal has so far issued the following Standard Bidding Documents for ICB and NCB Contracts: ICBs Procurement of Works Single Stage Post Qualification Procedure [ICB], January 2012 Procurement of Goods[ICB], January 2012 for small to medium contracts for small to medium contracts NCBs Procurement of Woks for NRs. […]

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  • Adjudication in Construction Contracts

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